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Cruffins & Croissants
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Cinnamon Rolls
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OMG I just had the best black forest cake and a cheesecake that Jenifer made me.
It is so Amazing.
Scone Rollin is my new and forever Go to Bakery!!!
It has so much taste and flavor.
It is so fresh and yummy.
Thank you Jenny ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lori Grech Martinelli


Product Flavors & Price List

Please scroll down to see our delicious assortment of baked goods.

If there is something special that you want, that’s not on our menu, please contact us, by email, phone, or text, to discuss your needs.

Scone Flavors & Price List

1. Blueberry Lemon
2. Cranberry Orange
3. Raisin
4. Maple Oat
5. Chocolate Chip
6. Brown Sugar and Pecan
7. Sharp Cheddar and Jalapeno
8. Blue Cheese and Walnut
9. Mixed Herb
10. Herb Parmesan
11. Sundried Tomato Mozzarella Parmesan

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Muffin Flavors & Price List (Gluten Free Options Available)

  1. 1. Coffee Cake and Greek Yogurt

2. Apple Cinnamon Oat
3. Blueberry Lemon
4. Mixed Berry
5. Strawberry Balsamic

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Cruffins & Croissants Price List

Cruffins are croissants baked in muffin pans!

1. Butter Croissant
2. Chocolate Croissant
3. Butter Cruffin
4. Almond Cruffin
5. Herb Parmesan Cruffin
6. Olive Tapenade Parmesan Cruffin

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Cinnamon Rolls

1. Regular Cinnamon Rolls
2. Orange Cinnamon Rolls
3. Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls
4. Holiday Spice Cinnamon Rolls

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1. Chocolate Chip
2. Chocolate Chip Walnut
3. Cherry Chocolate Chip
4. Snickerdoodle
5. Peanut Butter
6. Gingerbread
7. Carrot Cake
8. Almond Tuile
9. Amaretti
10. Butterscotch
11.Chocolate Orange Ruglach
12. Almond Biscotti
13. Chocolate Chip Biscotti

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Cupcakes & Cakes

Flavor Options

1. Chocolate
2. Devil’s Food Cake
3. White Cake
4. Yellow Cake
5. Chocolate Chip
6. Coconut
7. Red Velvet
8. Lemon
9. Strawberry
10. Almond
11. Orange
12. Funfetti
13. Carrot Cake

Frosting Options

1. Chocolate
2. Chocolate Hazelnut
3. Peanut Butter
4. Vanilla
5. Strawberry
6. Cream Cheese
7. Whip Cream
8. Coconut
9. Almond
10. Lemon
11. Orange
12. Funfetti

Specialty Cupcakes & Cake Options

1. Black Forest Chocolate Cake
2. Strawberry Cream Cake
3. German Chocolate Cake
4. Chocolate Flourless Cake
5. Angel Food Cake
6. Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake
7. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
8. Boston Cream Pie
9. Strawberry Shortcake
10. Banana Cream Pie
11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

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Flavor Options

1. Lemon
2. Raspberry Cheesecake
3. Fruit


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Specialty Treats

Kolach Flavor Options

1. Cheese
2. Blueberry
3. Poppy seed
4. Apricot

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We had an assortment of muffins and cinnamon rolls, they were both a huge hit at the party.

They went fast and everyone loved them!

Not only were the pastries delicious, the presentation was beautiful and my order was ready to pickup right on time.
Jessica Scott